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Asset Management means managing the support system which is required for operating the core business. It ranges from janitorial services to maintenance of equipment's, production support system to staffing solutions, creating and ensuring a healthy work environment to maintain aesthetic ergonomics of the organization.

"Asset Management Solutions is the collaboration of people and services to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the given space and work environment including the ambience, equipment and people who operate them within"

Asset Management maximizes value, maintains high service levels, and provides efficient management services at lower operating costs. There are mainly two types of Asset Management.

Soft Services: Involvement of human skill, hospitality services.

Hard Services: Involvement of electrical and mechanical equipment's with human skill.

Advisory Services: Implementation of best practices.

Why should one outsource Asset Management Services?

This is the basic question everybody asks before thinking of a service provider. It should be remembered that globalization has changed the rules of the game. It is important for corporations to focus on their core competency and get other work done through competent professional agencies. This would help corporations to derive benefits of higher profitability through better efficiency and productivity.


At ULC, we believe People, Process and Commitment towards consistent quality are the three important aspects of successful asset management services.


The Asset Management industry is people oriented and we have a professional organizational setup for the same. Training on a continued basis and knowledge-sharing has helped us to convert our experience into expertise.

The field operations are monitored by experienced managers who manage the operations and supervise the non-technical/ technical staff. The field staff is ably supported by the operations staff to take care of any adverse situation. The company provides a multi-skilled workforce, which gives the client value for money and thereby eliminates traditional contractual demarcation.

Process :

The services offered are monitored on a regular schedule, with quality customized services ensuring a hygienic environment and pleasant ambience. A proactive approach is essential in facility management (FM) to ensure the above and ULC with its rich experience has developed and perfected processes for a perfect clean environment.

ULC has a very experienced operations team which monitors the functioning of the client site on a regular basis with feedback reports. Remedial action on these reports is taken immediately in coordination with the site to ensure smooth flow of the operations of the client.

Training forms the backbone of our service strength. All our employees are constantly trained on latest techniques, safety and proper utility of machines, equipment and materials. All our employees are covered under insurance benefits in addition to statutory obligations.

Quality Policy at ULC:

  • Achieve highest level of quality through process-driven delivery methods
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by outperforming quality standards
  • Contribute

Why ULC Asset Management Solutions :

  • Total industry experience for over two decades in Asset Management Solutions
  • Effective delivery model which ensures cost efficiency for clients
  • Ability to ramp-up resources and operations quickly
  • Proven & tested processes and systems
  • Continuous up-gradation of technology, processes and methods
  • Quality benchmarked against international standards
  • Strong top management backed by reputed institutional investors