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Home Services

Our mission, regardless of where or how you choose to work with us, is to provide an unparalleled customer experience throughout all aspects of the home transaction process.
Home Management is the process of preserving, protecting and maintaining your home. To begin with, think of your home as a collection of systems and structures.
As the famous quote says, "An ounce of Prevention is better than loads of Cure".
Similarly the house needs to be maintained to ensure it is worth the buy. Houses are huge investments and proper planning is emphasized to ensure it lasts. A well-managed home is more satisfying to live in, saves you money in the long run.
Today's homes are more complex and sophisticated than ever. Home owners are also busier than ever. This is why an effective home management approach is a godsend opportunity.
Managing your home properly makes real sense in terms of your property, lifestyle and value.

Services Provided to Owners

Residential rental property management-

ULC is the sole point of contact for the tenants, from dealing with the day to day management of your rental property.

Owner Payments and Statements

  • Owner's rent is paid by direct deposit or mailed a check, whichever is preferred.
  • Owner funds are disbursed within 2 business days of receiving a rent payment from their tenant.
  • Owner statements are posted at disbursement of each month and accessible in the Owner Portal.
  • We help owner pay their Property Tax at the local outlet on time.

Owner Updates

Owners are updated via email when: rent is received, disbursement made, work order submitted, tenant lease ending, and much more.

State-of-the-Art Internet Marketing

  • Each property is advertised on a variety of syndicated (free & paid) web sites, print media and referrals featuring photos, description, mapping, driving directions etc.
  • Leases may be executed in person, using e-signatures via email, and/or fax.
  • Having a strong Internet presence has enabled us to lease properties sight-unseen to tenants from out of state (before even arriving.)

Tenant Screening

  • Criminal background
  • Prior evictions
  • Rental history
  • Income and employment verification

Tenants have three rent payment options

  • Online payment (NEFT)
  • Payment by Cheque
  • Payment by hand delivery at office

Rent Collection, Handover and Evictions

  • We insist on timely rent payment from every tenant.
  • We act promptly when any rent is not paid on time.
  • If required due to non-payment of rent, we will initiate and follow through the entire eviction process with tenant.
  • Taking possession of the apartment from the passing out tenant.
  • Sprucing the apartment spic and span